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11.01.2012 13:08 Ålder: 9 Jahre

Project "TCAs in practice" – PASOC continues

The EU commission has green-lighted the continuation of the project PASOC with new tasks and additional partners in 2012. The project title “TCAs in Practice” already indicates the new direction: The project's objective is a Europe-wide implementation of company-covering agreements concerning the practice of enterprise-based and union-based actors. TCA stands for “Transnational Company Agreements”. In the European discourse, the term “TCA” is also used for “International Framework Agreements” as it was the case in the Pfleiderer agreement.

There are two essential innovations concerning the project implementation:
The first one is the shift of the political and content focus onto European-wide coordinated measures for the ongoing implementation and application of international agreements within companies as a whole as well as specific sites. The European Works Council remains as the coordinator and primary contact at Pfleiderer.
The second development affects the model of partnership: The new element of this is the project-related cooperation with the works council of the furniture producer Wilkhahn. Like Pfleiderer, Wilkhahn has introduced an international framework agreement, but already did so in 2009. The idea of cooperation is based on the concept that not every experience of the Pfleiderer agreement has to be learnt as new but that it is advantageous to use the practical knowledge in combination with the positive and less-than-positive experiences resulting from the Wilkhahn agreement. Therefore, we plan to initialize and maintain a mutual exchange and mutual learning experiences. For this purpose, additional sites and enterprises with existing experiences in the implementation of TCAs (such as (Schwan-Stabilo, Staedtler, Faber-Castell) are invited to join the project activities in the starting weeks of the project.

The first European meeting of the partners will take place in the end of February 2012.